Join with us in the Faith Advocates for Jobs campaign.

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Welcome to the possibilities for supporting the unemployed and the underemployed and rebuilding our nation’s struggling economy.

Take a stance as an individual; as a congregation; as an organization.

The Faith Advocates for Jobs Campaign is an initiative established by Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faith based bodies to create a strong nation-wide network of congregations and faith communities committed to address the severe crisis of unemployment and the pain it is causing so many of our nation’s people and families.

Committed congregations provide the unemployed and the underemployed and their families:

  • Spiritual and emotional support;
  • Assistance in filing for unemployment compensation and other state and federal programs;
  • Help with job training and job search;
  • When possible, emergency financial support

Committed congregations and organizations learn about the nature of the crisis and participate in programs designed to overcome it. All these congregations will form a network to share, learn and inspire one another.

Imagine the power for good of a large national network of congregations, learning from each others’ work and sharing best practices, hooking up with other congregations in their communities, and taking action together to bring good jobs back to our communities.

Through Faith Advocates for Jobs, congregations will have a way to take action and advocate for public policies that create jobs and ensure dignity to workers.

Faith Advocates will provide whatever resources are available to realize the above commitments. The Congregational Toolkit focuses on various methods to help the unemployed and their families under the umbrella of your congregation, organization and beyond.

To gain more perspective on this, watch the CBS Religion Special- Unemployment: How Faith Communities Help Job Seekers


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