Faith Advocates for Jobs is a major new interfaith campaign initiated by Interfaith Worker Justice along with forty other organizations to address the severe suffering being endured by millions of unemployed workers. The campaign is organizing a nationwide network of congregations committed to supporting the unemployed and their families both spiritually and materially.

The entire society is reeling due to this crisis. The unemployment is specially disastrous for African Americans, Latinos, young workers, older workers and people who live in particularly hard-hit cities and regions.This in turn has led to huge increases in foreclosures, homelessness, crime, and despair.

Congregations across the nation have been responding to the needs of their members and communities in a time of widespread unemployment, under-employment, declining work standards and lack of job security. Some unemployed workers and their families share their struggles with their pastor, rabbi, imam, or fellow congregants, while some experience depression and shame and keep to themselves. At the most fundamental level, unemployed and marginalized people must be reminded that they are children of a loving God and that they are not at fault when they’ve lost their job because our entire economic system has gone haywire.

Not only are congregations and committed organizations providing support to the unemployed, underemployed and their families; they are striving to bring about a change in public policy. Together, the Faith Advocates for Jobs campaign will advocate for job creation policies.

Many congregations are already working hard to help the unemployed and their families. Is yours one of them? Will your congregation be part of this change? Then, come and join hands with us! Take action!