Support Groups for the unemployed: Handbook for Leaders

This Handbook was originally prepared in autumn 1993 as part of the CSGU’s response to the unemployment crisis in the depths of the UK Recession that lasted from 1991 – 1995. Part I was the first edition published January 94. Part II was added in the Second Edition in March 1994.

This Handbook developed out of the practical experience of local support groups with input from concerned professionals. It contains many practical suggestions and some important cautions, primarily for volunteer leaders and helpers, but also for formal organisations including churches that may wish to help and encourage them. Churches and ecumenical groups have local facilities and extensive community contacts that can offer many contributions to communities in crisis. This Handbook was developed by church and non-church organisations working together so that it can be used by leaders and helpers in a wide range of support groups.

Even though developed many years back, this this handbook serves as a great guide or a point of reference for all congregations and organizations committed to the issue of unemployment.

*Download the handbook here*


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